SKIN-CAD – Biocom Systems, Inc.

Biocom Systems is a developer of SKIN-CAD, the only simulation software for transdermal and topical drug delivery.


Biocom Systems, Inc., a university-launched venture company, is developing pharmacokinetic simulation software to design Drug Delivery Systems (DDS).

SKIN-CAD® Version 6.1 – simulation software for pharmacokinetics of transdermal and topical drug delivery

SKIN-CAD is the only program for in silico evaluation of skin permeability and pharmacokinetics. This software has been developed based on the research at Kyushu Institute of Technology (Kyutech) (Fukuoka, Japan) and has been also introduced into Japanese and foreign pharmaceutical and chemical companies and universities to support research and development of transdermal drug delivery systems.

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in silico” technology for optimal design of drug delivery systems
Virtual patients on the computer provide pharmacokinetic data to evaluate clinical performance of DDS before actual clinical study. SKIN-CAD is the virtual patient to test transdermal therapeutic systems (TTS).